MDDI Global reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice and with an immediate effect. Accepted orders cannot be altered or cancelled unless given written approval by MDDI Global.

You are responsible to keep your account details private, any unauthorised activity or breach of the account will be the responsibility of the account holder. If you are under 18 years old, you are not permitted to engage or make any orders on this website. MDDI Global reserves the right to cancel accounts and orders at any time.

Once you have placed an order, MDDI Global will deem the order to have been made in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Any orders made will be binding and cannot be cancelled or changed unless given written approval from MDDI Global.

Each single-use product should be used ONCE ONLY. MDDI Global is not responsible for any infection or transfer of disease that may have occurred under circumstances where single-use products have been used more than once. The customer should be careful when opening all packaging to ensure that sterilised items are not compromised. Please follow your organisation’s sharps handling procedures. The customer should also keep products away from children and other unauthorised people.

Secure payment options on our website are provided and hosted by a third party service provider. MDDI Global is not responsible for any payments made through the third party. You are highly encouraged to keep credit card details and login details in a secure place and not to share with unauthorised parties.

To apply for a credit account contact should be made directly to MDDI Global and we will determine whether your organisation is accepted. Credit limit approved may be applied to all or a part of the purchase value. Once accepted MDDI Global has the right to terminate the credit limit at any point if breaches are deemed to have been made. Where credit allowance has been approved, all invoices are due by the date as determined in the ‘Credit Allowance’ contract between MDDI Global and the customer.  If credit allowance has been denied or cancelled, full payment is required before dispatch unless stated otherwise in an agreement. If payment is not processed orders will be cancelled.

By using and engaging in this website you automatically agree with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

MDDI Global authorises you to view and download all materials owned by the company for private, non-commercial use given that all copyright and intellectual property is retained. You are not authorised to modify the materials on this website. Unauthorised use of these materials on any other website or system is prohibited. If you breach any of these Terms and Conditions your authorisation to use this website will terminate and you must immediately remove or destroy any downloaded or printed materials.

MDDI Global also reserves the right to terminate your use of the website at any time.

The materials on this website are copyrighted as outlined in Copyright Act 1968. Unauthorised use of any materials may violate copyright laws. MDDI Global authorise materials from the website to be viewed and interacted with on social media and other digital platforms providing that MDDI Global uploaded the image first and that copyright of materials is retained with the correct source.

All items purchased from MDDI Global are made in accordance to a shipment contract by our nominated carrier. MDDI Global use a third party service provider for delivery of orders and are not responsible for the quality and timing of delivery. Delivery to the customer has been accepted when the customer receives the delivery at their nominated address or when delivered by the nominated carrier. MDDI Global may require pre-payment as a term of delivery.

MDDI Global will dispatch your products within 24 hours from received order while stock lasts. In the case of weekends or public holidays, MDDI Global will process your order on the next business day. In the event of the business closing for a period outside of weekends or public holidays MDDI Global will inform our customers of our closing and reopening dates. MDDI Global reserves the right to withhold dispatch if necessary and are not responsible for situations where they are unable to meet order quantities requested. Where ordered stock is not available MDDI Global reserves the right to withhold payment and will dispatch the order when deemed possible. MDDI Global will supply all products ordered by the customer, subject to their availability and within the agreed terms of payment, prices and delivery.

MDDI Global operates under the Australian consumer law and does not allow for return of products. If the customer deems the product to be damaged this must be reported to MDDI Global within 14 days of receiving the products. The customer must report the details of the damage together with the Lot and Expiry number of the faulty products. Upon receipt re-arrangement or refunding will be organised.

Prices will be displayed publicly on the product page.

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